Work in the security of people


Since you are here, it means that you are looking for a job in real security.

We do not hire on a regular basis, but there is a way to start working for us.

To work with us, you have to demonstrate the following kind of knowledge of security-related issues, skills, and qualifications:

  • entered on a list of qualified security employees;
  • ID of a person authorized to possess a weapon (handling a warehouse will be a plus);
  • first aid courses or qualifications are welcome;
  • fluent use of weapons;
  • outstanding physical fitness;
  • knowledge of intervention and incapacitation techniques;
  • assertiveness – you have to know when to dig your heels in;
  • erudition – you have to be ready to say “F**K OFF”, so that the other person feels excitement at the thought of the trip that awaits them;
  • at least decent knowledge of the security law.

    We reserve the right to examine potential candidates.

    Still interested?