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vip security


SECURCOM - Close Protection & Tactical Rescue


  • Personal security permanent or temporary - VIP, delegations, groups.
  • Privacy security permanent or temporary
  • Escorting valuable or dangerous iteams.
  • Consulting and audit of the security.
  • Rescue teams with armed protective personnel.
  • Trainings:
  • Training in the principles of behavior in crisis situations.
  • Firearms (long and short) training for safe and intuitive use for employees working in teams of personal protection.
  • Upgrading training for security staff.
  • Training from shooting for group convoy .
  • The classes of tactics and techniques of intervention.
  • Training in dealing with terrorist attacks, carried out using explosives
  • Training in first aid before a medical emergency.
As part of this our offer for client disposal we have: air transportation in the form of a helicopter, cars, encrypted communications with a mobile radio repeater station.

If you can not find in mentioned range of our services the action what you are looking for, please contact us.
Our company runs projects not only ordinary and simple but also we can deal with unusual and difficult job, including high-risk operations.

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