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Professional experience we gained and expanded working with partners from countries such as USA, Canada, South Africa, France, the Netherlands, the official delegations, and for one of the most demanding customers in terms of security which is the Israeli dignitary Protection Unit also trough private situations in our country and abroad. Our business is based on an analysis of development of protection services in Poland and worlwide. One of the important benchmarks on which we base what we do, is the sector

PMC (Privat Military Company)

and its adaptability, targeting the various tasks associated with the general security and rescue lives.

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  • SECURCOM - Close Protection & Rescue

    About company :

    Widely understood terrorism, robbery, kidnapping ... Unfortunately these are more and more common problems which occur nowdays and can affect you. Our protection services are answers for new threats that Poland and rest of Europe are facing.

    SECURCOM employs people with experience gained in the special units of police and army.
    Our operates are high-class specialists in the field of security with lack of routine. The spectrum of actions taken by our company requires us to use a variety of methods from intelligence activities to wide logistics of security for the professional systems use encrypted communications (including satellite) and assistive technologies actions - in order to protect well our customers and their key interests. Protective actions run by our team are tailor made and widely supported by the available technologies for military and civilian. A factor which increases our value as a reliable business partner are:
    an individual attitude towards clients and tasks which we undertake. Continuous analysis and improvement of any gaps during implementing the actions, discuss them in order to minimize the risk of critical situations. We are characterized by a strong motivation to achieve the goal of execution of our tasks at the highest possible level, ensuring a professional level of implementation of projects entrusted to us. The company's structure and proper selection of personnel is an essential element in our company and it is important in fulfiling the clients expectations, so we carefully select our staff.


    Our offer is dedicated for individual clients, companies and institutions that are looking for a professional partner you can rely on. The tasks given to us we execute at the highest professional level, which does not deviate from international standards. We ensure that every detail of agreed contract is fulfilled. Our business is international, so our operators also speak English.

    As part of our services, our offer also includes trainings, which are dedicated to companies and institutions in which security issues are important.

    An integral part of our offer is a tactical emergency medical services in which, unlike the civil service rescue, we provide medical assistance also in situations that a team providing assistance can be in danger. Our action in such scenario is to secure place, to assist and evacuate victims as soon as possible to a safe zone or to the nearest medical places.

    tactical emergency medical services

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